Dec 30, 2019


Self employed – Data Scientist consultant at IBM - Asesoría Económica y Actuarial del Banco de Previsión Social

October 2019 - Today

I am currently migrating some actuarial and economic projections from Excel to R for the Banco de Previsión Social. It involves working side by side with the technicians to understand the models behind those projections and implement them in R. We are building reports using RMarkdown and building Shiny Apps for its consumption by the stakeholders (the bank directors). It also involves transferring the knowledge to the internal team.

Self employed – Data Scientist consultant at Pyxis - Presidencia de la República

July 2018 - December 2018

We worked on integrating its internal data with social media data, and visualizing it. I worked mostly using R, Python, MongoDB and Neo4j.

Idatha – Data Scientist

August 2017 - July 2018

Idatha is a startup in Uruguay and I was its first and only Data Scientist, which means I could be very creative and I loved that! I brought a unique perspective on problem solving to the team, which meant that I was involved in almost every project of the company, and from a very early stage.

I worked in several projects as a consultant for clients, mostly analyzing Twitter data. These projects include social media analysis, visualization, lead detection, predictive modeling among others. I used mostly R, Python and MongoDB.

Equifax Uruguay – Head of Analytics Uruguay & Paraguay

November 2012 - September 2016

I was Head of Analytics in the Data & Analytics Area of Equifax Uruguay. Uruguay was part of a Business Unit formed between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Prior to this Business Unit, Equifax Uruguay acquired the biggest Credit Bureau in Paraguay –Informconf- and in that process I was the Analytics leader of both countries, recruiting the local Analytics team, training it and building relationships with local clients. For a brief time in 2013 I was also Acting Decision Solutions Manager for Equifax Central America, being accountable for the Analytical and Technological Support’s teams. I oversaw three operations: El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras, that lead me to win an award.

Part of my role was developing predictive models for credit risk assessment, marketing services –propensity, churn, segmentation, geomarketing-, income prediction, collection solutions and forecasting. These models were usually custom made, so other part of my position consisted on presales: to meet the client’s problems so I could design the best solution for each situation. I also built generic solutions such as the Paraguay Bureau Risk Score deployed in 2016 as part of the rebranding strategy of Equifax, that led me to won the 2016 ONE Equifax Award for developing the first Equifax Credit Risk Score in Paraguay.

Universidad de la República – Academic Research and Teaching

2009 - 2013

I was linked to several activities inside the University of the Republic. I was a teacher in the School of Economics in the Computational Department and later I had a role as an Economic Historian in the Institute of Economics. In the latter I started when I won a Scholarship based on merit to be an Assistant Professor, and it ended up in a more stable position. In this Institute I was part of the Economic History Investigation Group and the Economic Development one. That position lead me to publish some Work Documents and Papers, as well as to participate in various congresses nationally and internationally.

Concluded formal education

B.S. in Economics – School of Economics, Universidad de la República


I oriented my profile towards the quantitative methods, taking courses in the multivariate analysis field, time series analysis and econometrics and statistics in general.

In course education

NASA Datanauts


I am a NASA Datanauts since I was selected for the Spring Class 2017. It is a community experimenting with NASA's data and tools, and improving their coding and data science skills in a collaborative environment.

M.S. in International Economics – School of Social Sciences, Universidad de la República


It is a very flexible scheme that allows me to adapt it to my preferences, taking only those courses that I’m interested in. I orient the program towards the quantitative methods: machine learning, computational statistics, time series spectral analysis data science and econometrics in general, taking some courses from the Mathematical Engineering Master’s Program.


Advanced R user, including Shiny apps development. Author of this blog about R and Data Science.

Version control using git.

Basic usage of Python, SAS, Mongo DB, Neo4j, SQL.


Spanish: Native language

English: Professional Proficiency



  • LatinR2019, Santiago de Chile, Chile - Volunteer

  • ConectaR, Costa Rica - Scientific Committee

A Conference for R users in Latin America


Collaborative translation of Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham's book.

First RUG of Montevideo, besides R-Ladies.

LatinR2018 was the first Latin American Conference About the Use of R in R&D.


R-Ladies’ mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community encouraging, inspiring, and empowering the minorities currently underrepresented in the R community, by building a collaborative global network of R leaders, mentors, learners, and developers to facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.


Proyecto Nahual is a community whose main objective is to promote teenager social inclusion for those who have dropped out of the formal education system, by developing software testing skills and others that help them preparing for their access to employment in the software industry.